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Three Presidential Unit Citations: Schalbach, Fruedenberg Farm and Rimling

Queen Elizabeth New York harbor 44th Infantry division
Swiss border end of war
POWs German
 Successfully anchor the North end of the American line during the Nordwind attack of 1 -7 January 1945
 Battles at : Schalbach, Luneville; Sarreborg; Saverne; Furback; Drulingen; Sarreguemines  (NORDWIND); Heidelberg; Mannheim; Darmstadt; Goppingen; Kempten; Landeck, Fern Pass and Fussen

Medal of Honor, Charles MacGillivary

 Captured the key German V2 rocket scientist team led by von Braun, which formed the basis of the U.S. post war rocket programs, including the exploration of the moon
 Capture the highest ranking Waffen SS Officer of the war, Commander of the Waffen SS 17th Panzer-Grenadier Division "Götz von Berlichingen"  SS-Standartenführer Hans Lingner

Encountered 38 enemy divisions, 36 battle groups, 23 tank units, 21 home guard units (Volkstrum), 63 replacement units, 62 anti-aircraft units, 73 other units including: Hitler Jugend-Russian Volunteer Brigade-Hard of Hearing Stomach Trouble -Werewolf Commandos, Engaged and defeat elite German units including : 17th SS and Panzer Lehr 

 First US troops to the Rhine and to cross the Rhine in WW2, Strausbourg, (Strasbourg) Nov. 23, 1944
 Capture the cities of Mannheim, Ulm, Heidelberg, Darmstadt. History's first wintertime crossing of the Vosges Mountains.
 Liberate Stalag IX-B
 Capture Fortress Simserhoff, part of the strongest of all Maginot forts, the Ensemble de Bitche, a critical position in the German Siegfried Line
 Conservatively kill over 20,000 German troops, completely destroy the German 553rd Infantry Division and the infantry of the 17th Waffen SS Division, German 19th and 36th Infantry Divisions rendered useless and Accepted the surrender of the entire German 19th Army
 230 Days in combat, a record 144 continuous days of combat
 Casualties: 6,111 battle related;  7,637 non-battle related = 97%  turnover rate  

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