Long Tom 155mm Cannon Artillery M1 M2
Long Tom 155mm Cannon artillery weapon

Long Tom 155mm Cannon- M1 & M2

The American 155mm artillery gun was an exceptional artillery weapon of WWII.  Well known by its nickname the "Long Tom", the gun could fire a 95lb projectile upwards of 15 miles with high accuracy. It could fire more than 40 rounds per hour of high-explosive, chemical, smoke, or illuminating shells. The gun elevation, up to 63 degrees.

Two variants were built, the M1 and M2. Both employed 14 man gun crews. The M2 version fixed a deadly defective breach, starting in April 1944. The “Long Tom” 155mm gun was moved in Europe by the tracked US Army ‘Prime Mover’, only a few were moved using the 2 1/2 ton “Duce and a Half” truck. This piece weighed in at a hefty 30,600 pounds, including a specially built split trailer and eight pneumatic tires plus a two wheel limber mounted under the trail ends.

The "Long Tom" served in all branches of the United States military of WW2.  The "Long Tom" served the Army in North Africa, the ETO and the Pacific, the Marines, and Army costal defense units protecting the harbors and coastlines of the States and its territories such as Alaska.   Units in the British Army were also equipped with the 155.

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