Saving And Investment –Necessary To Survive

Saving And Investment –Necessary To Survive

We read about people becoming millionaires at the age of 25 and retiring by the time they hit their forties. The software industry is creating this new group of entrepreneurs and many of these have acquired wealth in quantities never seen before. Though all of us would like to retire comfortably and relax after working for 40 or 50 years even that may not work in favor of some people. There are many reasons and the most significant one is bad planning.

Diversification is important

Investments are not just about bank accounts, house, and mutual funds. A proper and adequate medical insurance for the family and insurance for the tangible assets are also important and some futuristic investments like digital currencies should also be a part of your portfolio. I have seen people seeking the help of for online trading options and honest reviews of such trading programs.

Slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to savings and investment. You cannot create a huge retirement fund overnight or even in months. You can take the help of financial planners or read everything that has been out in the public domain. Diversify and put money in different types of funds, debt funds or balanced funds. Gold and diamonds may be some other options but remember that these can appreciate in value very slowly, and may not beat the inflation by appreciating enough when you really want to sell or need money.

Other options

Your past mortgages and future loans need to be paid regularly. So it is also important not to create any unnecessary debts. Out of this one of the most expensive ones is the credit card loan. This is one aspect that everyone should follow diligently, that they should avoid credit card delayed payments or avoid any debts to accrue on a credit card.

Another important aspect apart from diversification is security and staggered realization of money upon maturity. Though we target retirement or some such occasion for the maturity of funds, everything may be due at the same time, and if god forbid the market is down at that time then all the investment will lose value at the same time. so plan the redemption at different time periods. Similar to systematic investments, systematic redemption brings in the advantage of market fluctuations. You must redeem any fund when the price is right or wait for the right time.

Keep shifting your funds and maintain the proper ratio depending on your appetite for risk. Plan well in advance, starting as soon as possible. When we are young, the retirement may appear to be in a distant future, but before you realize, you will have more responsibilities and saving may become difficult. Make saving a habit and be disciplined about it. Soon you will be proud to retire at a younger age and then you can enjoy the benefits of this monetary reward that you created judiciously.