Trading has helped me improve my life even after retirement

Trading has helped me improve my life even after retirement

How I came across this fabulous opportunity?

A lot of times when I am talking about my achievements at the neighborhood club, I never forget to recount my experiences with online trading. The idea behind this deliberated move is that more and more people who are in their grey year take up trading not just as a means of earning some money but also because it keeps them occupied and therefore less lonely.

The empty nest syndrome can be fatal:

A lot of men and women at the senior’s club tell me that the empty nest syndrome becomes particularly nagging once they drop out of regular jobs and services. Staying in all by themselves with the outside world cut out almost entirely and suddenly at that can be so overwhelming that they have no one to talk to and nothing that they have to live by!

My experience with crypto robots:

I have never had a brush with any kind of finance-related jobs in my career. But I realized that for trading online I did not even have to be!

I signed up for a couple of trading websites and I set my account to autopilot mode. Now, the robot takes care of my trading. I am able to set my risk level so that the robot does not trade in excess of what I can safely afford to lose.

But I have made a huge amount of profits:

For someone who lives off his meager savings and the welfare fund, I thought living was drudgery till I was able to earn decently from online trading. I decided that if I was to live then living with self-esteem will be my way till I hang up my boots!

It has been two years already!

And what a rewarding journey it has been! I have been able to learn so much about trading and have been able to create a fund where I pool all my earnings and save them. I have begun to contribute to charity and institutions where they provide for the needy. I am so glad that I have now become a contributor rather than a beneficiary. It feels good and it feels dignified!

Fighting loneliness is another benefit:

I can be engrossed in trading and thinking up of newer strategies to trade online and that can keep me busy for months. I am glad that I began trading because things have improved for me. I always used to dread a life of a loner but hey! I am glad I got around it and I am having fun with trading. Join the party folks!!


Pros of written communication in business

Pros of written communication in business

A business always needs everything to be in a written format. So, business writing is very important to run a business in any complex situations successfully. There are many advantages to the written communication. Let us take a deeper look at those advantages and use it in our business if possible.

  1. Accurate and precise:

The business writers will always give their thoughts and ideas more accurately and in a precise manner. Because written communication has much value in a business than a verbal communication. We people will change the words we spoke when the communication is verbal, but we will not be able to compromise anyone if it is written communication. So, the written communication in business is always accurate and precise.

  1. Clarity:

The great advantage of written communication is the understanding because some persons have less understanding capacity. If the communication is in written form, the persons can read it for n times to get a clear understanding. This will definitely help to the success of the business. In oral communication, we cannot ask for repeating the words again and again.

  1. Permanent record:

If some important things happening in a business are in written form, it is definitely a permanent record and we can refer it whenever we want to. The oral communication is not a permanent record but written communication is always permanent and it will never vanish unless and until we do it.

  1. Legal document:

The written communication will be considered as a legal document and if there is an issue in a business, we can take legal actions based on the written document and that will be a witness for the issue.

  1. Increase the personal image:

Some persons will not have fluency in their speech and they will miss some important points in an oral communication. But they will be much talented in writing and their writing skills will help them to show off their personal image.

  1. Confidence:

Obviously written communication will create some confidence within ourselves than the oral communication. Because many of us have fear to give a speech before n number of people. At that time, written communication helps us to get rid of that fear and move on with our work with confidence.

  1. Missing out points:

In an oral communication, we will definitely miss out some points to deliver in the speech. But in writing, this will never happen because here we are writing the full content what we are going to deliver in the speech.

The Most Common Cryptocurrencies – A Quick Guide

The Most Common Cryptocurrencies – A Quick Guide

If your intention is to venture the cryptocurrency investment market then, undoubtedly, it is one of the best intentions of your life, as the world is more moving towards the cryptocurrencies. Not only that, even the idea is easily achievable even for the beginners with the concept of trading robots that make the investment procedure a completely uncomplicated one! So, given the benefit, you can any day commence your cryptocurrency investment journey with these popular cryptocurrencies as your reliable investment choices.

  • Bitcoin–The pioneer cryptocurrency, which is basically a peer-to-peer payment system. Despite the fact that it was introduced in 2010, it is still going strong with an unshakeable market cap value! Given the favorable prediction of the experts, it seems the Bitcoin is one of your best bets in this 2018!
  • Ethereum – Not just a cryptocurrency or a mere payment system but a versatile technology that allows the developers to build distributed apps that can satisfy several significant purposes relevant to their businesses. For example, the smart contract feature facilitates the concept of automated contract system that is free of any and every discrepancy.
  • Bitcoin Cash – The scaling of the Bitcoin network involved various views and suggestions and, one such view with some major supporters opted for the hard work of the Bitcoin network in the idea of scaling Bitcoin to more users that led to the birth of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2017! Now, this newer cryptocurrency has an 8MB block size that could accommodate around two million transactions per day, impressively! Although it is a relatively newer cryptocurrency in the market, it has a huge popularity, for which its market cap value that falls under the top 5 position is the best example!
  • Ripple – Like the Bitcoin, both, the payment system and the digital currency of the system are known as ‘Ripple’, which was mainly designed to offer an instantaneous payment solution for larger financial institutions like the banks. Also, here the Ripple digital currency is owned by the respective parent company, the Ripple, (formerly known as the Ripple Labs) and therefore, there is no concept of the mining like in the Bitcoin network. This also proves that the Blockchain of the Ripple network is different from the Blockchain of the Bitcoin network!
  • Litecoin – The main intention of creating this cryptocurrency, according to its founder is, for it to act as the ‘digital silver’ compared to the Bitcoin’s ‘digital gold’ and therefore, its ways are more or less same as that of the Bitcoins, except for the fact that the Litecoin is 4 times faster than the Bitcoins!

Benefits Of Investing In Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investments can be of any size. These are great choices of managed funds for the investor that does not have the time to manage his funds and for those who do not know about the markets. But investing in a mutual fund should be no excuse to stop learning about the market. It would be a good idea to venture into investing in individual stocks either autonomously or with the help of ready to use trading bots. No matter which path you take it is essential to start with a strong investment plan.

Mutual funds

Though equity mutual funds invest your funds in stocks the process is very much different from that involved in investing with the help of brokers. Mutual funds are known for their diverse nature. A list of the strong assets is selected in a way that minimizes the risks and the losses. The funds are then invested in a variety of assets including bonds, real estate, stocks, and others. The type of assets where the funds are invested depends on the chosen type of mutual fund and the capital being invested. Here are a few advantages to investing in mutual funds-

Flexibility in the capital required

Anyone with any capital size can choose mutual funds. There are funds that can be opened with a very small capital. And then there is also the freedom to choose the tenure as well. With the diversity, they offer mutual funds are suitable for almost all types of investors.

Economies of scale

Unlike conventional investment in assets, the volume of transactions and the volume of the assets being purchased would be high with mutual funds. The larger the volume the lower the costs incurred. This is thus a great way to invest in multiple assets without having to bear large commission rates.

Liquid option for the impatient investors

There are some investors who prefer liquidity in their funds. Whether you are looking to withdraw the capital for a personal use or to invest in a different place mutual funds come with a great liquidity. You also have the option to pick short-term funds. The price to be paid for withdrawal, to sell the invested assets might vary from one mutual fund to another.

Besides all other benefits, the one main strength of a mutual fund is the professional portfolio management provided. So you can easily reap the benefits of investing in multiple assets without having to study them all.


Trading always begins with a lot of hurdles may it be trading on the share market, forex market or cryptocurrency market, having said this, you must know that cryptocurrencies have come into existence to stay forever. Many people who questioned this earlier have started getting used to it and began believing in it. Not only this, they have also started to think of investing in this market. Whether one chooses cryptocurrencies like bitcoins or altcoins they are sure to make some good amount of extra money. It seems problematic not because it is difficult, but because you are new to it and do not have the necessary skill sets to do the analyzing of charts that have cryptocurrency trading data properly.

Even when you are learning it is possible to make some money by using the robots. The trading robots are nothing but software that once purchased or downloaded needs to be customized according to your needs after which the robot will begin analyzing the market and start trading.

Things To Consider While Opting To Make Use Of Trading Robots

  • Reliability is the key

This is the first thing to keep in mind as we all know that when it comes to doing any type of business on internet trust is the main aspect to become successful, therefore, the robot you choose must be offered by a company that has robots that have been tested and made use to make trades. There have been a lot of such companies that have been enlisted for providing great services and have been existing for a significant amount of time which have been used by many investors who have given a good feedback about the high level of service that expertise in cryptocurrency trading.

  • Transparency is the key

Imagine how horrible it would be to get involved with a company that seems little suspicious. When one decides to become an investor in the cryptocurrency trading market, they do so to gain profitable returns and not to lose all they have earned. The investors invest in trading to risk their money by placing trades efficiently and not by getting cheated by scammers. You can say that a robot is trustworthy by looking at the review of that software and also there are few companies that will offer you quick learning methods. There are some that provide a free trial which you can make use of before you actually begin investing, hence assuring that it is a genuine one.


The market that all the digital currency are traded on is nothing like the stock exchange marketplace because the crypto market is never closed and neither does it sleep. Due to its 24/7 and 365 days of active nature, it can be stressing for people who are fulltime cryptocurrency traders as well as people who have casually invested in this market. Many people who are regular investors and traders in the digital currency world will know the joy and sad feeling whenever they go through their trade to find out about their profits and losses.

If you wake up to find that you have got profits, that’s never a problem, but if you wake up to see that you have lost the trade that’s when the problem arises, therefore, to eliminate this unpleasant feeling many have started depending on the robots that are awake at all times just like the cryptocurrency market. The robots will control the trading even when the trader is not available hence, providing complete control over the trade they are doing. When we say robots first thing that clicks to our mind is speed, by making use of specific robots one can execute the trade quickly and effectively than humans.

As the usage of crypto robots has increased, so has the variety of robots. They are available freely in the form of open-source software as well as licensed software are also available which you can buy. But is it difficult to differentiate between the robots that will work as promised and which will be an utter waste of money and time. This article will help you understand what crypto robots are!

Know Your Bots

Robots that are used for trading are nothing but a set of programs comprised in the software that will be interacting with the financial market in a direct manner. They usually make use of API to get the necessary information and they are also used for interpreting the information as well as following which trade is placed. There are a lot of factors that the robots analyses by looking at the action of the marketplace to make the decision and they are as follows:

  • Volume of trades
  • Price
  • Time
  • Orders

The trading robots have been very famous from a very long time for doing traditional trading, but the average traders have not been able to make use of the crypto robots as they cost a fortune sometimes, one example we can consider is the Bloomberg terminal software that can cost you up to $10,000.


Can you really win with Online Trading?

Can you really win with Online Trading?

As we progress to decide on the investment, there will be seldom a chance to miss out the huge online advertisements claiming to make you a millionaire overnight, there is a lot of money in trading with binary options, for the users, brokers, advertisers in the risky trading software. If there is a surplus sum that you can afford to lose, try trading in the software platform like Olymp Trade, with the reviews and the way the trades work, there are obviously no quick fixes for an instant income solution.

Can you really win from all the speculation and, mere yes or no factor from the Olymp Trade software depends upon the luck one has, yes, it may sound weird, but there is a lot of variable factors while trading in Binaries. There is no custom-made solution, which brokers will give for a winning trade; it is more or less speculation at every level. The brokers will never tell you to do research, and then fix a strategy for gaining a huge return it is their trade secret. Many hoops in the trading platforms, does not keep the investors who fall prey to the glitzy advertisements and the reviews that are mostly fake and have nothing to do with the software.

There should be a lot of research before targeting a particular software platform to trade, most of them offer free demo session that is a huge advantage to understand how the trades are executed precisely. Willingness to learn with a trial and error option alone can make one understand the volatile binary and other virtual markets. The financial gambling is the new technology in the block to have many investors fall prey due to incorrect trades, no idea about how the markets work and the overnight trading platforms that are just a bunch of promises.

The broader section criteria to select legit brokers is the best way get the principal amount invested in scammed software, of the broker themselves are not genuine and biased, the trades will get impacted and the losses will keep adding to the surmounting bills. Making use of the advanced features, the trading software, like using the robot to get the latest feeds about the most trending stocks in the markets, will help the trader to pick the correct stocks and execute trades. Dedicated users will have to put the amount of work and read the guides that the software provides to have clarity and stay focused on the trading cycles.




How Legit is the Online Trading Apps

How Legit is the Online Trading Apps

Investing in the financial markets especially in the stock markets could be a challenging task for many, today the scenario is different. For beginners, many online trading interfaces are promising the lucrative payouts and promise the best trading experience among the many other trading platforms available. In the early days, if you wanted to invest, the foremost thing was to visit the brokers’ office, understand their outrageous charges and then invest the money just to trade. Today there are discount brokers who offer their services online, also in the app version for those who are smartphone friendly and are on the go.

Investing apps have just about everything, it is more or less like do your own investments, reading through the guides provided will give a fair idea about how to go about, and how to invest wisely. The features are comprehensive, at the end of the day the money that is at stake, in the software, Olymp Trade using it not for the growth. It is not better than losing it out to some technical application.

  • Fees comparison,
  • offer a suggestion to invest,
  • analyze the fund positions
  • tack the cash flow
  • aggregate the net worth

Though the app version promises the services perfectly, often there is a dilemma about how much to trust these trading apps, that could just shut shop and move on. The money will be gone without a trace if the application is not legit and the brokers aligned are not licensed. A lot of verification should be done, before falling prey to lucrative websites and apps that are rampant on the internet. It has become more challenging to understand the genuine from the fake, news, websites, domains, apps all are clichéd that trying to find the genuine one takes a lot of time and energy, that most of us do not have the luxury.

Either it is trading online in stocks, Binary, Forex or Crypto there are a lot of ways one should recheck before putting in the hard-earned money, the creators of Olymp Trade claim to have done a lot of research before introducing the app version to the public. The credibility of the creators again have not been established, and financial experts have steered clear from the all the publicity that these apps are devising to lure nubile investors. More on the regulatory aspect, as the noose is still not tightened around the online trading; there is a lot of loopholes that these online apps have many who fall into their trap.





Basic Business Ethics To Be Integrated

Basic Business Ethics To Be Integrated

We often see a lot of new startup companies showing up their heads. Café joints, ice-cream parlors and bakes, much more; each one has their own new concept and have different things tried and experimented that’s on the display, yet some of them don’t attract the number of customers they anticipate.

Why? What can be the reason? the reason lies in the way you run your business, the ethics that you follow, eventually what you give is what you get! So, if you give happiness and joy to others; the workers who work for you, surely you receive it in the form of success in your business. A happy employee will do the work happily and more responsibly, bringing in more customers.

In case you are a start-up and don’t have an idea about going further in the process of retaining and bringing in new customers, what ethics to be followed and so on, read this page. Like the cryptocurrency, was not popular overnight, and didn’t work magically, the efforts of the founders and the people involved made it to the peak, read this article to know more about it; in case you want to invest in another form, apart from your business.

Follow a culture:

Having work culture is extremely important. It allows you to be disciplined yet more casually, without hurting anyone’s sentiment. The workplace is like a second home, and it has people from all walks of life, so it’s always great to have common ground principles and culture that will unite all, make a difference in the routine lives. Always have openness in the work you do, being transparent will only make you a great leader in your work.

Lead your employees by an example:

As they say, what you do is what others follow; not what you say!! So, do what you preach, and set an example to the rest that conduct is very important in the workplace. Since it’s a start-up that might not have a separate HR, and other bodies, leading by example will allow the people to trust in you and help you become more responsible. Where there is trust, then that relationship will flourish longer, employees will be equally responsible for their course of actions and can take up risks on your behalf and will give you much-needed efforts to climb up the ladder in the toughest market. There has never been a single company that has been successful with grumpy and unhappy employees.




Plan Your Marketing Budget In 3 Simple Ways

Plan Your Marketing Budget In 3 Simple Ways

Budgeting is an important step in making your business more profitable. However, most businesses fail at proper budgeting and that leads to wastage of money and opportunities. The marketing budget is required for assessment and further growth. If you are not sure how to plan your marketing budget, then here are 3 steps that might help you.

  1. Strategy and planning

Why do you need a marketing budget? A marketing budget is a tool that will help you to reach your business goals. All said and done, you still need a goal. All of us want to earn more money and make more profits but how and why are the goals we never jot down. Develop a business strategy and plan a course of action to achieve the same. This business plan will help you to create a marketing budget. That, in turn, will keep your business plan afloat. Targeting your customers, defining your brand, the positioning of your products and the journey of your company will all be decided by an efficient marketing budget.

  1. Money spent on marketing

The second step in this process is to find out how much money your company spends on marketing. This should include every aspect of your business promotion such as:

  • Sponsorship
  • External or internal marketing personnel
  • Tools to manage marketing
  • Money spent on social media promotions and your website
  • External and internal events
  • Advertisements

It does happen that miscellaneous expenses are not included in the marketing budget and that leads to confusion. To avoid confusion of all sorts, including every little expense in your marketing budget while planning it.

  1. How much are you spending?

The third step is to find out how much you are spending. There are a few things to track in this process and they are a generation of leads, rates of conversion and traffic data of websites. These are the things that you need to track in order to create a perfect marketing budget that helps.

  1. Optimization of efforts

If you want to increase your sales, the only way to do it is to upgrade your marketing strategies and you can do that by investing in your marketing budget.

  1. Have a backup plan

Every budget should have a backup plan along with it. You could start trading online with the help of a trading robot that will keep the money flowing in. If your marketing budget does not work out for some reason, then this will help you a good deal.