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Donald Alfreds 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion TD Simserhof  Siegfried Maginot "Sluggers" at a German Siegfried Line Fortress:   December 1944:

"Two tank-destroyers were sited about 2,000 yards from one of Simserhof’s blocs, and were used as 90mm “sharpshooters” tasked with the mission of destroying the enemy ensconced in the impenetrably thick, steel-reinforced concrete fortifications by firing 90mm rounds through the narrow firing and observation apertures. This unusual mission was accomplished by elements of A/776th, even as the rest of the Battalion was performing its more traditional anti-armor missions."

Combat History of the 44th Infantry Division.

To the right, 1st Lt. Donald B. Alfreds, Company “C” 776th TD Bt. was awarded the Bronze Star for his gallantry in action in support of the 44th Infantry Division assault on the main Siegfried Line near Bitch in 1944.  In this photograph, Lt. Alfreds examines the effect of the 90mm cannon of his M36 Tank Destroyer on the French built Maginot fortress.

The TD M36B GMC M36 was the only match for the German Tigers and Panthers. During  NORDWIND, attached to the 44th, a crew from 776th knocked out a “Hunting Tiger” “Jagdtiger” from Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion 653, the first such vehicle ever knocked out on the Western Front.  At 79 tons, the heaviest ever committed to combat, it was completely destroyed by hits from the 90mm main gun.   The M36 Jackson or Slugger was the only Allied vehicle which could consistently take on even the final and most powerful German panzers,  such as the King Tiger (the Königstiger) Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II or the Jadgpanther tank destroyer.

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