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Artillery Picture Album:   Click on a thumbnail to magnify. 

dogface loves artillery Audie Murphy To Hell and Back 1949

Long Tom maintenance

Rockets are both 28 cm Wurfkörper Spreng, fired by the much feared 28 cm Nebelwerfer 41 - the "Screaming Meamie".

Rockets are both 28 cm Wurfkörper S

A rare German 15cm Kanone 39 gun

155 "Long Tom" maintenance work

Defending the Oregon coastline and the Columbia River - Fort Stevens Oregon Battery 245

The mighty 240

240mm Howitzer

57mm anti-tank gun inspection by

General Dean

Captured German experimental anti-tank gun

The mighty '240'

General Beiderlinden

anti-tank gun - 57mm (is not an artillery piece)

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