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Phase One:  Mobilization and Preparation
  • MO 44th Infantry Division bases camp fort lewis phillips claiborne dix ap hill1940: Active duty- September.  C.O. Major General General Clifford Powell.  Station- Fort Dix
  • 1941:  Organization & integration of National guard units, training, Carolina field maneuvers.  C.O. Major General James Muir
  • 1942/1943: Louisiana field maneuvers, Camp Claiborne.  Reorganization to new divisional structure.  Station change to Fort Lewis to protect the Pacific Northwest from Japanese attack and for training
  • 1944:  Louisiana Maneuvers, Camp Claiborne, station change to Camp Phillips for training.
  • Transit to France from Boston, August 1944  Final field training near Cherbourg France September- October . C.O. Major General Robert L. Spragins

37mm AT anti-tank gun peashooter fort lewis

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