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General William A. Beiderlinden

In March 1943 General Beiderlinden joined the 44th at Fort Lewis, Washington as the Commanding General, 44th Division Artillery.  The high standards that Brigadier General Beiderlinden instilled not only superbly fitted his Division Artillery for combat, but materially raised the disciplinary and training standards of the entire Division.

In battle, under General Beiderlinden's leadership, the 44th Division Artillery played a major role in its overall success on the battlefields of Europe.

For meeting every demand for artillery support and thus contributing to the defeat of the enemy's efforts to effect a breakthrough, General Beiderlinden was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.  He negotiated for the peaceful surrender of the city of Heidelberg, with its magnificent castle and its historic university, containing many of Germany's greatest cultural treasures, which his artillery was prepared to destroy.  For this, the Drury College Alumni Association's Distinguished Service Award citation presented to him reads:

"He recognized the international significance of the accumulated learning of the ages, the culture, refinement and ideals of the centuries stored at the University of Heidelberg, and thus became the savior of Heidelberg."

With the Japanese surrender, the division was inactivated at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, and General Beiderlinden served as the last division commander.

source: Arlington National Cemetery

General William A. Beiderlinden
From France in 1918 through the Korean conflict, General Beiderlinden served his nation with great distinction.

General Beiderlinden is buried next to his wife of 63 years in Arlington National Cemetery near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
William Beiderlinden Severe
Beiderlinden grave site visited by grandson William Beiderlinden Severe

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