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The history of the 44th Infantry Division is undervalued and underappreciated.   One explanation for this is historians and authors, by in large, hold a lackadaisical attitude toward the campaigns of the United States 7th Army.  Their focus is on the well known and visible campaigns like Normandy, the Bulge, and the  battle histories of the Marines and other 'elite' divisions.  By its association with the 7th Army, the history of the 44th Infantry Division is under-publicized.

Quality exceptions exist. This section highlights recommended quality books involving the 44th I.D. and operations and battles concerning the Division.  Recommended accounts that present valuable insights or a new prospective on various military subjects are also included. 

When Odds Were Even
The Vosges Campaign October 1944–January 1945 by Keith E. Bonn

An authoritative and comprehensive analysis of the Vosges Campaign which involved the 44th from November through January 1945. This is a must read for anyone interested in an in-depth understanding of this campaign and the 44th. "When Odds" is out of print but is available through amazon.com and other used book sellers.

Combat Medic Memoirs
Personal World War II Writings and Pictures by Richard L. Sanner

Sanners experiences as a combat medic in the 119th Battalion, 44th I.D. are told in his diary, letters to family and friends, and includes over 350 photographs he shot and kept.  Out of print, this rare book can be found and purchased on-line at amazon.com.

Seven Days in January
With the 6th SS-Mountain Division in Operation Nordwind by Wolf T. Zoepf

The book provides a detailed tactical account of Nordwind, from the German prospective. Fine detailed maps and compelling anecdotes from the American side of the battle make for a must read account about the desperate Nordwind battle which involved the 44th I.D. Zoepf, an officer in the 6th SS, was wounded and captured by the Americans at Nordwind. 

To order: On-line aberjonapress.com or other outlets like amazon.com

The Final Crisis:   Combat in Northern Alsace January 1945  by Richard Engler

This book is a must read to the student of the 44th.  Nested through-out the title are references to the 44th's role in the Vosges and during the New Year's Nordwind attack.  Engler served as a teen aged rifleman.  What emerges is a remarkable, well researched account about the critical role of the American foot-soldier in winning the war coupled tightly to a comprehensive commentary  and analysis about parallel military events.

To order: On-line aberjonapress.com or other outlets like amazon.com

Ordeal in the Vosges by Donald C. Pence and Eugene J. Peterson

A vivid memoir about green troops from the 275th Regiment in action from Christmas Day 1944 through Operation Nordwind.  Covered are actions of both sides in the German hoped for surprise attack into the U. S. Seventh Army active front. 

Out-of-print, the book may be obtained through used book services such as amazon.com

Happy New Year Yankee Bastards
By Vincent Priore 

Only 10 to 15 remain (June 2005):  Write first to inquire about availability.

Through sheer mass and numbers, the Germans attempted to overpower the 71st Regiment at the start of Nordwind. Vincent Priore, a Master Sergeant in 'F Company' recounts those desperate days of close combat where, despite overwhelming odds, the 71st Regiment contained eight enemy assaults and inflicted terrific casualties and stopped the Germans.

To order, send a cashiers check for $24.00 (covers shipping and handling) to:
Vincent Priore
45-52 Utopia Parkway, Flushing, New York 11358

C-Rations for the Warrior's Heart
by Robert Boardman

'C-Rations' is a faith-based book that contains 31 stories involving heroic combat veterans from the battles of the Pacific during World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. More than just the factual recounting of individual actions during combat, the stories detail the 'spirit' behind the actions of the small-unit leaders who led them to do extraordinary things during the most challenging and trying of circumstances.

To Order: send a check or money order @ $14.99 + $2.95 for shipping to:
Bob Boardman, PO Box 25001, Seattle, WA 98125-1901
Washington Residents add 8.6% Sales Tax
Or order through amazon.com or other retailers

Unforgettable Men In . . .Unforgettable Times   Stories of Honor,  Courage, Commitment, and Faith from World War II by Robert Boardman

Boardman deals with the often-neglected subject of spiritual faith in combat. Most military members have heard the quote, 'There are no atheists in foxholes,' but this book questions the validity of this saying and also addresses what happens after the foxhole has been vacated.
The book is organized into seven sections, from 'Leadership in Wartime' to 'Forgiveness, Repentance and Restoration.' Each of the 31 chapters contains individual stories either retold by the author or by the subjects of the stories.

To Order: send a check or money order @ $12.99 + $2.95 for shipping to:
Bob Boardman, PO Box 25001, Seattle, WA 98125-1901
Washington Residents add 8.6% Sales Tax
Or order through amazon.com or other retailers


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