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cartoon keep out of europe
The sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ended the isolationism debate in America depicted in this newspaper editorial page cartoon.

George Brand cartoon 44th Infantry Division New Year
This George Brand cartoon ushers in the 1945 New Year and presents two ironies.  At Trenton, in 1774, George Washington secured a victory and momentum he had so desperately needed through a surprise Christmas Eve attack against the despised German Hessian mercenaries.  This victory may have prevented the collapse of a discouraged and weakened American Army that winter.  Unwittingly the cartoon foretold a second irony, the desperation Nordwind surprise attack on New Year's Day 1945 against the 44th. 

cartppm george bland 44th infantry
The Public Relations Office or P.R.O. provided journalism services for the Division.  P.R.O. telegraphed daily reports to the States and assisted various news reporting services.  The Division newspaper and cartoons came from P.R.O..  Its staff, just one man, Sgt. George Brand.

44th Infantry Division newspaper cartoon morale George Brand
Another Brand cartoon from the 44th newspaper, relevant 60 years later.

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