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Order of Battle - 44th Infantry Division: 1940 - 1945
Commanding  General
15 September 1944Maj. Gen. Robert L. Spragins
29 December 1944Brig. Gen. William F. Dean
19 March 1945Maj. Gen. William F. Dean
Assistant Division Commander
15 September 1944Brig. Gen. William F. Dean
5 January 1945Col. Robert L. Dulaney
31 March 1945Brig. Gen. Robert L. Dulaney
Artillery Commander
15 September 1944Brig. Gen. W. Beiderlinden
Chief of Staff
15 September 1944Col. Marlin C. Martin
10 December 1944Col. George E. Martin
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
15 September 1944Lt. Col. Gordon S. Lee
Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
15 September 1944Lt. Col. Herbert Snyder
25 April 1945Maj. Thomas C. Sheehan, Jr. (Acting)
Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
15 September 1944Lt. Col. Leon L. Hagen
Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
15 September 1944Lt. Col. Russell C. Harpole
Adjutant General
15 September 1944Lt. Col. Edward Doherty
Commanding Officer, 71st Infantry
15 September 1944Col. Ercil D. Porter
Commanding Officer, 114th Infantry
15 September 1944Col. Robert R. Martin
Commanding Officer, 324th Infantry
15 September 1944Col. Thacher Nelson
25 October 1944Col. Kenneth S. Anderson
Inducted15 September 1940
Arrived ETO15 September 1944
Arrived Continent (D+101)15 September 1944
Entered Combat: First Elements17 October 1944
Entered Combat: Entire Division24 October 1944
Days in Combat190


Battle Casualties6,111
Non-Battle Casualties7,637
Total Casualties13,748
Percent of T/O Strength97.6


71st Infantry, 114th Infantry,  324th Infantry
44th Reconnaissance Combat Battalion [i.e., Troop (Mechanized)]
63d Engineer Combat Battalion
119th Medical Battalion
44th Division Artillery
156th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer), 217th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
220th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer), 157th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm Howitzer)
Special Troops
744th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, 44th Quartermaster Company,  44th Signal Company
Military Police Platoon, Headquarters Company, Band
 Antiaircraft Artillery
398th AAA AW Bn (SP)22 Oct 44-24 Nov 44
895th AAA AW Bn (Mbl)25 Nov 44-18 Apr 45
749th Tk Bn23 Oct 44-15 Feb 45
772d Tk Bn26 Mar 45-9 May 45
45th Rcn Tr (45th Div)20 Nov 44-22 Nov 44
117th Cav Rcn Sq26 Apr 45-9 May 45
83d Cml Mort Bn1 Nov 44-15 Nov 44
2d Cml Mort Bn-25 Dec 44
Co B, 96th Cml Mort Bn2 Dec 44-
96th Cml Mort Bn18 Apr 45-9 May 45
Field Artillery
242d FA Bn (105mm How)21 Oct 44-28 Dec 44
45th Div Arty21 Oct 44-21 Jan 45
79th Div Arty23 Oct 44-25 Oct 44
59th Armd FA Bn7 Nov 44
45th Div Arty9 Nov 44-17 Nov 44
242d FA Bn (105mm How)5 Dec 44-7 Dec 44
494th Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)5 Dec 44-7 Dec 44
493d Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)19 Dec 44-14 mar 45
494th Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)26 Dec 44-6 Jan 45
493d Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)2 Jan 45-6 Jan 45
423d Armd FA Bn (10th Armd Div)21 Jan 45-10 Feb 45
63d Div Arty3 Feb 45-6 Feb 45
493d Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)11 Feb 45-16 Feb 45
693d FA Bn (105mm How)12 Feb 45-14 Mar 45
494th Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)14 Feb 45-16 Feb 45
495th Armd FA Bn (12th Armd Div)14 Feb 45-16 Feb 45
64th Regiment d'artillerie Coloniale (Fr 2d Armd Div)20 Feb 45-26 Feb 45
283d FA Bn (105mm How)11 Mar 45-13 Mar 45
522d FA Bn (105mm How)26 Mar 45-30 Mar 45
933d FA Bn (155mm How)27 Mar 45-29 Mar 45
937th FA Bn (155mm How)27 Mar 45-29 Mar 45
686th FA Bn (155mm How)27 Mar 45-30 Mar 45
17th FA Bn (155mm How)3 May 45-8 May 45
93d Armd FA Bn8 May 45
157th Inf (45th Div)25 Nov 44-27 Nov 44
253d Inf (63d Div)31 Dec 44-6 Feb 45
255th Inf (63d Div)19 Jan 45-6 Feb 45
Tank Destroyer
813th TD Bn (SP)23 Oct 44-31 Oct 44
776th TD Bn (SP)31 Oct 44-21 Nov 44
776th TD Bn (SP)25 Nov 44-9 May 45
(Attached to)
Co C, 63d Engr C Bn4th Div9 Apr 45-18 Apr 45
Field Artillery
44th Div Arty79th Div17 Oct 44-24 Oct 44
44th Div Arty45th Div12 Mar 45-21 Mar 45
44th Div Arty3d Div24 Mar 45-27 Mar 45
44th Div Arty45th Div30 Mar 45-1 Apr 45
114th Inf79th Div17 Oct 44-24 Oct 44
71st Inf79th Div18 Oct 44-24 Oct 44
324th Inf79th Div19 Oct 44-24 Oct 44
2d Bn, 324th InfFr 2d Armd Div22 Nov 44-28 Nov 44
324th InfVI Corps8 Apr 45-10 Apr 45
324th Inf4th Div10 Apr 45-19 Apr 45
2d Bn, 324th Inf10th Armd Div19 Apr 45-21 Apr 45
 26 Aug 44 Ninth ETOUSA 
30 Aug 44 Ninth 12th 
5 Sep 44IIINinth 12th 
10 Oct 44(-)Ninth 12th 
14 Oct 44XV (Sup & Opn)(-) (-)6th (Sup & Opn)
17 Oct 44XV (Sup & Opn) Seventh (Sup & Opn) (-)
18 Oct 44XV (Sup & Opn) Seventh (Sup & Opn)6th 
22 Nov 44XV (Sup & Opn)Seventh 6th 
25 Nov 44XVSeventh 6th 
8 Apr 45(-)Seventh 6th 
15 Apr 45XXI TngSeventh 6th 
17 Apr 45VI (Opns)Seventh 6th 
(-) Indicates relieved from assignment.
Distinguished Service Cross15
Legion of Merit2
Silver Star260
Soldiers Medal4
Bronze Star1,515
Air Medal98
15 Sep 44St-Germain-de-Tournebut (1 km S)MancheFrance
15 Oct 44LunevilleMeurthe-et-MoselleFrance
24 Oct 44CroismareMeurthe-et-MoselleFrance
19 Nov 44VehoMeurthe-et-MoselleFrance
20 Nov 44AvricourtMeurthe-et-MoselleFrance
21 Nov 44HemingMoselleFrance
22 Nov 44SarrebourgMoselleFrance
23 Nov 44LixheimMoselleFrance
3 Dec 44DrulingenMoselleFrance
7 Dec 44DiemeringenMoselleFrance
13 Dec 44MontbronnMoselleFrance
22 Dec 44SiltzheimBas-RhinFrance
24 Dec 44HerbitzheimBas-RhinFrance
25 mar 45MunchofRhinelandGermany
27 Mar 45LampertheimBadenGermany
29 Mar 45ViernheimBadenGermany
31 Mar 45BabenhausenHessenGermany
3 Apr 45AlzenauBavariaGermany
5 Apr 45KasselKurhessenGermany
8 Apr 45Unter AltertheimBadenGermany
16 Apr 45GreussenheimBavariaGermany
17 Apr 45Simprechtshausen (vic E)WurttembergGermany
18 Arp 45Waldenburg (vic W)WurttembergGermany
19 Apr 45Michelfeld (vic W)WurttembergGermany
19 Apr 45Oberroth (vic N)WurttembergGermany
20 Apr 45Wildgarten (vic W)WurttembergGermany
20 Apr 45Lorch (vic N)WurttembergGermany
21 Apr 45Goppingen (vic)WurttembergGermany
23 Apr 45Bad DitzenbachWurttembergGermany
23 Apr 45Gross AlmendingenWurttembergGermany
24 Apr 45ErbachAWurttembergGermany
26 Apr 45BurgriedenWurttembergGermany
26 Apr 45PlessBavariaGermany
27 Apr 45OttobeurenBavariaGermany
28 Apr 45NesselwangBavariaGermany
30 Apr 45ReutteTyrolAustria
4 May 45NassereithTyrolAustria
4 May 45ImstTyrolAustria

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