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USO dancer entertainment France with GI
Click on image above to magnify
JU88 bomber captured by US 44th Infantry Division
Destroyed JU88(?) above and ME262 jet below
USO dancer 1945 324th Regiment 44th InfantryME262 jet figher captured by US 44th Infantry
Aircraft pictures courtesy of Harold "Andy" Anderson
minefield railroad tracks france 1944 
The only road unmined. 
44th Infantry battlefield prayer and faith Mass Armistice Day  

"Few people who have seen the fighting in this war would flatly agree that there are no atheists in the fox holes. There are, however, many men who because of their combat experience, have felt a quickening and deepening of their sense of religion. When the fighting man wants it, the opportunity to worship is his. Using a quarter-ton hood for an alter, and a rock Alsatian hillside for a church, Chaplain Durbin celebrates Mass on Armistice Day, 11 November 1944, for those of the Roman Catholic faith."  Original Caption, Mission Accomplished

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