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Honors Vosges: Oct - Dec 1944 Nordwind
During the greatest war of all times, the distinguished service record and accomplishments serve ample proof of the Division’s combat abilities, one, one of America’s finest.The 44th Infantry Division of the United States Army National Guard remained active during the period from 1920 to 1945 before getting dispersed following the World War II. A second form of the division was inactivated during the Korean War. It was constituted under the National Defense Act.


After participating in the First World War in 1940 and the subsequent training, a regimental team of the division was sent to the Eastern Defense Command for defending the Eastern Coast. The remaining division was reorganized as the 44th Infantry Division in Los Angeles in the year 1942.

The next assignment of the division is under consideration here as this feature is a full review of the Division’s progress in the defense of the West Coast. These heroic battles occurred while serving the Western Defense Command starting from the late 1941 and extending up to 1944. When the division was sent to France, it was assigned critical duties. Several strategic passes along the Vosges Mountains were under constant threatening from Germany and the Division underwent rigorous training for one month prior to the duty.

The division entered France through Cherbourg and joined the Seventh Army at the mountains. The soldiers were at the receiving end on the 6th day when the heavily armed German troops attacked them. The Division was ordered to defend the attack and then progressed to Dossenheim by breaking through one of the passes. Strasbourg was relieved in the attack and then entered the Ensemble de Bitche in the Maginot Line. After a fierce round of attack, the strong Fort of Simserhof was conquered and further defended the Blies River crossing by the enemy sides.

Savage battle followed savage battle as the 44th dislodged a desperate and  skillful foe from positions which gave him every natural advantage.

There would be no ‘Bulge at Bitche’.  The 44th held against the all-out attack of 3 German divisions including the elite 17 SS Panzer Grenadier Div.

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The 44th served to the very last of the war in Europe, starting in France and ending in Italy

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