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  The Soldier's Friend  Epinal Cemetery - France

The great journalist Ernie Pyle, who shared his life with the common soldier and died among them, described World War II as a picture:

". . .of tired and dirty soldiers, who are alive and don't want to die; of long, darkened convoys in the middle of the night; of shocked, silent men wandering back down the hill from battle; of Jeeps and petrol dumps and smelly bedding roles and C-rations; and blown bridges and dead mules and hospital tents and shirt collars greasy-black from months of wearing; and of laughter, too, and anger, and wine, and lovely flowers and constant cussing. All these, it is composed of; and of graves and graves and graves."

Epinal Cemetary France
The cemetery, forty-eight acres in extent, is located on a plateau one hundred feet above the Moselle River in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains.  It contains the graves of 5,255 American military Dead. It was established in October 1944 by the 46th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company of the U.S. Seventh Army as it drove northward from southern France through the Rhone Valley into Germany.   The cemetery became the repository for the fatalities in the bitter fighting through the Heasbourg Gap during the winter of 1944-45.

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