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September 2005What's New
Reunion 200544th I.D. Association 60th Reunion Pictures
Suomi m31Suomi m 1931 sub-machine gun
MinesGerman Mines
Mt CombatCombat Lessons: Mountain Fighting
Long Tom155mm "Long Tom"
LeadershipCombat Lessons: Leadership
August 2005 
Combat LessonsArticles from the U.S. Army "Combat Lessons", a publication used to give to American officers and enlisted men the benefit of the battle experiences of others during WW2.
57mmThe 57mm anti-tank gun proved itself a useful weapon.
M24 ChaffeeThe M24 "Chaffee" proved itself to be one of the finest light tanks of WW2.
July 2005 
cartoons 156 BnThe 156 Field Artillery Battalion had its own cartoonist, Sgt. Arnold C. Black.   He worked for a Boston newspaper before the war.
stolen artMuch Nazi art plunder ended up in southern Germany and Austria, in the Nazi National Redoubt or Alpenfestung. 
June 2005 
324th #28The twenty-eighth 324th Regimental Reunion 2005, Dayton Ohio, September 9, 10 & 11, 2005
by Beryl H. Haught Jr. - Company “A” 114th Regiment
reunion200544th Infantry Division Reunion 2005: September 13 – 17, 2005 information and registration forms. 
dietrichMarlene Dietrich raised the spirits of the 44th soldiers when she played to them in April 1945.
facesPhotograph album containing many of the images used in this site of the soldiers of the 44th Infantry Division
raisaSurrender of German 19th Army and meeting 5th Army and 10th U.S. Mountain Division at Austrian-Italian Border at Resia Pass Author - Harry Murray Brammer Jr.
1st Platoon - 44th Cavalry Recon. Troop, 44th I.D.
Japanese Attack"Until Tomorrow, One Man's Story:  Japanese Attack - Chapter 4" 
by Hurland Leo Clark, Hq. Co, 2nd Bat,  114th Reg
Company "I"Personal photographs taken by Captain Irvin M. Roth - Company I, 114th Regiment
StrausbourgWith apology to Erich von Manstein, failure to capitalize at Strasbourg may well be one of America's costliest 'Lost Victories.'
Fort StevensA Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens, Oregon near Astoria, during those anxious months after Pearl Harbor when the 44th protected the Pacific Northwest coastline from Japanese attack.
May 2005The response from General Norman Schwartzkopf to the question if he thought there was room for forgiveness toward the people who have harbored and abetted the terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on America:
"I believe that forgiving them is God's function.  Our job is to arrange the meeting."
beautifulday"Just a Hell of a Beautiful Day"
Author:  Beryl H. Haught Jr.  Company "A", 114th Regiment
mines_germanBouncing Bettys and many more German land mines
machine-gunsGerman machine guns
usarmorAmerican armored vehicle photo gallery
submachine gunsThe Thompson "Tommy gun" and the M-3 grease gun weapons
mp40The German MP40 'burp gun"
machine-gunsUS Machine guns
StG44The Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) is the world's first successful assault rifle.
April 2005
Gaildorf"Where Have All the People Gone? ''
by Hurland Leo Clark, Hq. Co, 2nd Bat, 114th Reg
galleryBrowse through the Military Gallery. If you like an image, you can order it in print or on gift items like calendars, mugs and t-shirts from our on-line store. 
spanking"Spanking", Author:  Harry Murray Brammer Jr.
1st Platoon - 44th Cavalry Recon. Troop, 44th I.D.
mapsAlbum of maps
panzersPictures of Germans panzers
picturesPictures of the 44th Infantry
beiderlindenUnder General Beiderlinden's leadership, the 44th Division Artillery played a major role in its overall success on the battlefields of Europe.
printsAvailable to order - custom prints of the 44th and its regiments
militariaMilitary conflict beyond the scope of the 44th Infantry Division.  Military prints too.
114h reunion2005 114th Regiment Reunion: Sept. 23 - 25, 2005 Baltimore MD
March 2005
“...to say Kamerad was one of the most degrading things that could happen to a soldier.”    Major General William F. Dean
Rauwiller POWGlenn Chapman capture at Rauwiller.
UndertoneOperation Undertone, the final offensive, commenced on March 15, 1945.

"Duty, Honor, Country", General Douglas MacArthur farewell address to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point - May 12, 1962

Close"Getting Close"
Author:  Beryl H. Haught Jr.  Company "A", 114th Regiment
Battle FlagPhotographs of captured German battle flag with the signatures from soldiers of the 324th
Reunion 2005Reunion 2005 information and the 44th Infantry Division Association March 2005 Newsletter (PDF)
Post VE DayImmediately following the surrender, the division was assigned its zone of occupation around Imst, Austria.
War GamesIn November 1941, the fate of Moscow seemed sealed. In the Pacific a combine Japanese fleet silently steamed eastward to its rendezvous with the "Day of Infamy."  And the soldiers of the 44th toiled in the Carolina Maneuvers.
Wrong PlaceWrong Place at the Right Time, Ulm surrenders to three lost medics.
Best Friends'My best friend - Johnny “Monk” Monasmith'
by John Warner, 71st Regiment
The 240"The 240"
Author:  Beryl H. Haught Jr.  Company "A", 114th Regiment
February 2005
"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."     General Dwight D. Eisenhower
BuchenAfter playing the important role of stopping the final German offensive Nordwind, the 7th Army was primarily on a defensive posture from January 1945 to March 1945.    Limited tactical attacks were primarily to shorten lines.   One such example is the 44th I.D. engagement at Buchen-Busch Woods,  February 15, 1945.
PostersUnique military prints that honor the American soldier and the tradition rich U.S. military 
End"The Beginning of the End:   Mannheim, WW-II"
Author:  John Alrich, Company A Scout, 71st Infantry Regiment
ResourcesUpdated list of other web-sites with 44th related content.
Artillery at Nordwind: 156h F.A. BnFor  eight hours, those twelve howitzers were never silent. Crews sweated and cursed in the cold morning air. The tubes spoke authoritatively, recoiling quickly, lashing  out like angry rattlers, to loose their venom and strike again. In the four day period from midnight 1 January, 1945 to midnight 4, January 1945, 6,385 rounds had been expended.
Rear guard"Rear Guard Action on the French German Border December 23 - 25, 1944"
Author:  Harry Murray Brammer Jr.
1st Platoon - 44th Cavalry Recon. Troop, 44th I.D.
January 2005
CartoonsNew 44th ID and period specific cartoons
Stalag IXThe war is nearly over when in April 1945, an unusual and dangerous order is issued to the 2nd Battalion – 114th Regiment:  Break through the German lines, drive north over 60 kilometers through enemy held territory to Bad Orb and liberate the POWs interned at the infamous prison camp Stalag IX-B. 
BattlegroundThe Germans needed breathing room and time to free its most capable units for the upcoming Ardennes offensive.  The German strategy, a rare Hitler sanctioned  elastic defense.   The Vosges was to be a killing ground, hotly contested from fortified positions. The 44th Infantry attacked.
Counter-attackThe desperate German High Command released the famed Panzer Lehr Division, promising that the division would be concentrated in the vicinity of Sarrebourg on the morning of 23 November. Its order and mission: attack directly south against the American flank in a blow to "annihilate" the XV Corp by advancing east of Sarrebourg.
RhineMen of the 324th Reg. 44th I.D. are the first US troops to reach the Rhine River and to cross the Rhine in WW2, at Strasbourg, Nov. 23, 1944.
Veho Church"The Church at Veho France"
Author:  Robert Uhl, Company K, 114th Infantry Regiment

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