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Nordwind New Years' Attack 114th Regiment First Battalion By Christmas 1994, all units were deployed in the outskirts of Sarreguemines, France, with a mission of defending the city. The Germans celebrated New Year's by letting go with a midnight attack. By using mortars, artillery, machine guns and tanks, the Germans' attacking force was virtually annihilated. On 4 Jan 1945, the battalion attacked through Achen and Gros Rederching. The battalion moved into Gros Rederching cover of darkness and attacked the following morning. However the Germans had the same idea and the attacking units ran into the 17th SS Panzer Division "Götz von Berlichingen."
 gros rederching john warner 44th infantry division

114th Infantry Regiment 44th Division coverFor a month the battalion faced this crack unit and despite all their attempts to penetrate our lines they failed. A four man G-2 patrol, behind the German lines, captured Waffen  SS-Standartenführer Hans Lingner. Under the noses of the 17th SS and to the ultimate shame of Lingner, the dedicated 17th SS commander successfully returned the captive to American lines.
44th Infantry Division flammpanzer panzer Panzer-Flamm Kompanie 353

Destroyed Flammmpanzer 38, town of Gros Rederching, belonged to Panzer-Flamm Kompanie 353. attached to 17.SS-Pz.Gren.Div.

44th Infantry Division Gros Rederching tank destroyer slugger jackson 90mm  M36

This tank destroyer of the 776th stood guard in Gros Rederching. From this location a German vehicle was hit a little over 200 yards away

44th Infantry Division 71st Regiment solider

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