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Maginot/Simserhof Pictures   from the Maginot Simserhof  Section


44th Infantry Division Simserhof

Homer Riley (left) and Dawson Dowdy, lifetime friends, 114th Reg.

 Right: Lifelong Friends Homer Riley and Dawson Dowdy, both from Headquarters Company
Current Photo- Turret from Fort 4
44th Infantry map hand drawn cecil hunt simserhof
44th Infantry destroyed Maginot Fortress Simserhof
Two  German Maginot strongpoint is finally silenced. (Below) "One OP which our observers conducted fire on Brandelfingerhoff and Monronville Farms and the woods and stream beds around was located atop this Maginot Fort Line, between Singling and Gros Rederching."157th Field Artillery Battalion, 44th Infantry Division
44th Infantry Division Brandelfingerhoff Monronville Farms Maginot Fort between Singling and Gros Rederching
44th Infantry Division Maginot Fort civilian home44th Infantry Recon hand drawn map Maginot

"Fortifications like this stood in the path when advance elements reached the Maginot Line on the march to the Rhine. 200 homeless civilians lived here after their homes had been destroyed."   

Right:  Hand drawn map of Fort Nine

44th Infantry Division 71st Regiment Simserhof Fort 10  
44th Infantry Division Simserhof Fort 10 Dawson Dowdy
Fort 10 (above) after the battle, courtesy of  the Dawson Dowdy family
 44th Infantry Recon hand drawn map Maginot

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