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Presidential Unit Citation:  Schalbach 114th Regiment
“The enemy launched its onslaught against the hastily prepared defensive positions with a numerically superior force of infantry and approximately 22 Mark IV and V tanks. In the fierce fighting which followed, enemy tanks overran the battalion’s positions and fired machine guns and 88mm guns into foxholes at point-blank range. Despite the ferocity of the attack, the men of the 2d Battalion held their ground. With rifle and automatic weapon fire, they dispersed, killed or routed the German infantry who were riding on the top of the tanks or following immediately behind. Allowing tanks to pass over their foxholes, they immediately arose and continued to annihilate any Germans who had tired to accompany the armor. Even when bazooka fire bounced off the heavy enemy armor and the battalion’s machine guns had been knocked out of action or had run out of ammunition, the infantrymen clung to their positions and, with rifle, fire, forced the enemy to  withdraw. By its determined stand, the 2nd Battalion repulsed a counterattack, which if it had succeeded, would have eliminated the 44th Infantry Division as an effective force and would have jeopardized all friendly troops east of the Vosges Mountains.”

schalbach presidential unit citation 114th regiment 44th infantry
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