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reutte austria nazi party building headquarters time-bomb time bomb may 1945
mickey rooney enterains GIs in france 44th Infantry USO
1st Lt George F Leingang, 324th Reg. reutte austria purple heart time-bomb

In the finals days of the war, the 44th stormed through southern Germany, Austria and Italy to deny the enemy of the fabled Alpine Redoubt. In the race through the Reich, the 44th captured the cities of Mannheim, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Ulm, and Kempten.   The concluding encounter of the Western Allied ETO war effort was at
Fern Pass.

(left) A time-bomb explodes in the building formerly used by the Nazi Party in Reutte, Austria, May 1945.MannheimHeidelbergUlmLast Battle - Fern Pass

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