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Vosges Mountain Campaign,  U.S. 15th Corp
In harsh winter weather, over difficult mountain terrain, and against a determined foe, the soldiers of the 44th triumphed. Of all these soldiers, the infantryman had had the hardest lot. In mid-December Eisenhower wrote to the ‘GI’s  friend’, war correspondent Ernie Pyle,  that it was these foot soldiers who had demonstrated the "real heroism—which is the uncomplaining acceptance of unendurable conditions." Starting at the forest de Parroy, Luneville, passes in the Vosges Mountains, Dossenheim,  Avricourt, Sarrebourg and at the German main battle line, the Siegfried Line and Fort Simserhof, the 44th infantryman had persevered and, through his determination, vanquished the  Wehrmacht.
  1. Front Lines, October 1944
  2. Schalbach near Luneville, repulsed the Panzer Lehr Division attack
  3. Forced winter passage through lower Vosges Mts. capture Avricourt
  4. Capture Sarrebourg
  5. Assist in the capture of Strasbourg (Strasbourg) with French 2nd Div.  First U.S.  troops to reach the Rhine River
  6. Capture Fort Simserhof

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