When Online Trading Gave Me Hope And Respite From Lonliness

When Online Trading Gave Me Hope And Respite From Lonliness


I retired half a decade ago:

Retirement may look like a rosy picture when you are still in the workforce and slogging yourself day in day out. But believe me, it is not the place you want to be eventually, endlessly thinking of things to do.

It is really funny how I used to long to get retired and be my own master; thinking that I would be having enough resources to call my shots, without too many worries about bosses and colleagues and what other people judge.

But finally, about five years ago, I landed here, I realized it is the most painful phase of our life where we aimlessly live from day to day from the couch to the bed and then once again from the bed to the couch.

About three years ago, my grand nephew came over for a vacation:

I am generally welcoming of guests especially the long stay ones because it lets me allay my fears of loneliness. This nephew was a blessing in disguise if I am allowed to say. His parents continuously grudged that he would not lift his head off from his mobile. I realized that they were right!

In a bid to correct him, they had asked me to talk him out of it; well so I tried. In turn, he taught me what he was doing every day and I was zapped. This little boy, all of eighteen was making a lot of money everyday trading on investment derivatives that I did not know or understand till I was in my late thirties. I was amazed!

He let me into it:

Yes, he taught me how to trade online on trading software. He absolutely freaked out on cryptocurrencies but I found it a little too fast. I settled for trading in stocks and shares because I was slightly more comfortable with it.

To begin with, I was so excited:

A mere initial investment of $250 gave me a four hundred percent return in a month’s time. it felt like my life had suddenly got a direction. My nephew left and I was still trading away majestically. He emailed and face-timed me for getting updates and teaching me more hacks.

I give two hoots to loneliness now!

I and my smart device are a great company. I do not get anxiety anymore. I am gloriously trading every day. I do make losses but subsequent profits more than make up for it. After all, what is trading without any risks?




I Cannot Stress More On The Importance Of Research In This Field

I Cannot Stress More On The Importance Of Research In This Field


Research is the only key to sound investment decisions:

I have had people from across the various levels of expertise in trading online asking me what according to me is one important element that is sine quo non for trading on the online medium?

My answer is always one: “Read”.

Knowledge is definitely Power:

There is no better way to become a confident trader than to be a knowledgeable one. Any person who has his sources right and one who does his research well will always come across as a confident trader and confidence is one of the main ingredients of success in this field.

Being a good trader is definitely more than good trading skills:

You might count yourself a successful trader if you have been successful in hitting up on the right trading software. Indeed, it is the first big hurdle to success in this field.

In a world of numerous scams, the challenge is to find out the legit software that is genuine in their intentions. This is where your research will help you sustain.

Where must you research?

You can research over the internet itself. The World Wide Web is a powerful tool like that. You may want to first read on the prospective trading software’s homepage. Once you are done with it, you can type the keywords in a search engine and look for any other entries that indicate what the company’s reputation in the minds of the people is.

User reviews and testimonials serve as a good base for the research:

It is a great idea to skim through the testimonials that users have left behind as feedback or customer reviews. There may be too many there but you can read as many as possible for you to get a general idea if the trading software suits you or not.

There is a general perception that trading software and their competitors get the testimonials doctored and those that are found online are usually from fake ids that are created for a small sum of money. Nevertheless, a quick read on them can help your instincts if not anything else!

Look for fine prints:

A lot of software may look too good to be true and absolutely harmless on the face of it. Make sure to do intense research and read all the fine print there. There may be clauses that are not obvious on skimming but they are very much present in smaller print at the bottom of the page. Hidden costs, commissions and any other money-related facts must be clear before you even decide to invest in it.

In the end, all that matters is that you took the right route to success. Read and you shall be informed.



How Bitcoin Industry Is Affecting The Economy

In the current era of digitalization, the industry of bitcoins has become a huge sensation on the Internet. It has certainly proven to be one of the most significant trends floating in today’s world. No matter which field is the news coming from – be it social media, news broadcasts for updates on government legislation- it has become impossible to scroll through news channels or newspapers without reading one or two updates regarding this cryptocurrency.

Some experts state that the economy has remained unaffected by the advent of bitcoins. However, most of the thinkers can’t stop accepting that the global economy has seen a huge change after bitcoins stepped into the finance industry. Where some merely call it a bubble that will burst soon, most of them still consider it to be a boon to the industry as well as individuals.

The whole functioning of bitcoins is dependent on the highly advanced Blockchain technology. This technology has become the core behind the unprecedented success of the cryptocurrency. More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into this market to start their own bitcoin exchanges or invest their money to buy some of these valuable cryptocurrencies. Therefore, since the time when the first bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, a lot has revamped in the business of cryptocurrency as well as global economy.

Bitcoins and Economy:

As the industry of bitcoins and many other crypto coins have taken over the financial world, most of the transactions are being reorganized at a very large scale. Moreover, slowly but steadily, US Dollar or any other currency is not being a part of these transactions. In fact, it is the bitcoins that are being exchanged in return for goods and services. This has revamped the functioning of international trade, foreign relations, diplomacy as well as the effect of economic approvals. Cryptocurrencies are expected to take over the economy in the years to come and become the main source of transactions for most of the deals all over the world.

Many leading bitcoin robots such as for Ethereum Code have started offering these services to their clients. Read more about Ethereum Code to learn how bitcoin users enjoy best of the services and how their money invested in the market flourishes numerous times every single year. This is the reason why more and more people are investing their money in this financial boon. Be one of these wise people and see how well the cryptocurrency industry returns once you invest your money into it.


Statistical Analysis Tools In Finance, Business, And Management

Mathematics has never been a plain sailing subject for most of us during our student days and our biggest lifeline then was the calculator. A mathematical exam was powerful enough to fetch you a very high grade or drag down all your efforts into a mere figure. This is because a mistake in a tiny step of calculation, the remaining steps towards the solution become fit only to fill the paper, and finally the waste bin.

The same situation replicates in your carefully constructed business. A single miscalculation in the finance or management can shake the stability and growth of the whole firm. A firm rises considerable funding through long-term debts with the objective of budding a new venture or expansion. If this funding is not systematically planned and channeled towards requirements and instead diverted to unrelated directions, the entire financial planning and business operations go hay-wire.

The application of mathematical calculations in a systematic and interpretative way to draw the inference to scale up and plan for the future of the business is business statistics and does the job of constructing and operating your business in terms of financial numbers.

Tools of business statistics

Statistics works with numbers, using both theoretical and practical tools. The main platform for applying the analysis to the data and inference drawing is the spreadsheet. The data are described theoretically and based on real facts and also represented visually using tools for full-spectrum analysis, validation, and consolidation.

The primary task in statistical analysis is to determine what kind of approach is to be adopted to represent the data. Once the approach is finalized, the next step is to select the technique that is best capable of tackling the situation. For example, if the mission is problem-solving in any section of the data source, like low result in cost comparison, unexplainable reduction in profits, excess capital investment in any operation etc or going in a more specific way like closing all loopholes for loss in Crypto Code software, improving prediction etc.

If the solution requires a programming technique, the next step will be to apply the interpreted data to the codes, sometimes by formulating a hypothesis. The further development of statistical analysis of the business data may employ theorems and formulae for extracting inference; pivot tables, random sampling, Central Limit Theorem, t-test, Black-Scholes formula, Bayes rule, correlation, regression etc being the simplest ones to be used.

You complete the cycle with the final result by including risk assessment, market prediction, and statistical modeling.

Data Security Policies

Data Security Policies

There are many data breaches that happen in the corporate world, in the online world which risks the lives and assets of many people. Though there are many data security policies in place, still the hackers find some loop and hack the data and misuse them.

Even the most popular cryptocurrency wallet was hacked initially, which is created by blockchain technology, using some codes. Now, the security is fully tightened and there is enough security code in place, to ensure that nobody hacks this most expensive and precious wallet.

Any basic data security plan will ensure that the data is saved and is protected from unauthorized access by parties or individuals. Though there are many security policies in place, we hear and see there are a lot of hackers lying around to hack the sensitive data. Read here on important elements that’s needs to be imbibed for security policy.

Accountability by Employees:

Normally the data and security policies are carried over by the IT staff, hence ensuring the accountability of all these employees and making sure that they understand their roles and responsibilities in securing the sensitive information is important. Giving them general instructions and keeping rules in place like segregation of data in different classifications like

  • Confidential data
  • Data to be only circulated within the company
  • Data specifically for outside of the company
  • General data that is meant for all circulation

Policies governing network services:

This set of policies define how the company should act in handling the remote access management and IP address confidentiality. The detection of network intrusion and the security components work is defined here, like the routers and switches and their way of operating.

 Managing Patches:

The data policy should be holding how and when the patches should be installed and managed. This includes implementing pieces of code to help manage any security threats and dangers.

Scanning for threats:

It is important to keep your scanning machines on, scanning all time for threats that your organization can face, before the hackers do you need to find and search for any loophole and correct it before it comes back as a threat for you.

Monitoring the policies and adhering to the compliance:

Using audits to manage the company compliance policies, the staff and the management adherence to the policies will help you to stick with the data security. You need to constantly manage these compliance policies, to be safe about protecting data of yours and your clients.


Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits To Business!

Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits To Business!

Every business that is in the market, has its own set of rules, regulations, a way of operations, its objective and goals. It’s imperative that they follow the rules and also at the same time contribute to the environment they live in! these days, being environment-friendly is very important.

There is also a notion and term called as CSR, that is taken responsibly by every company. This is not a new term, mostly used these days, to integrate the socially beneficial programs, into the business model and culture. This refers to the impact a company has on the society, both economic and environmental. We see many businesses that have this statement on the webpage very often, why is it? What are the benefits of this CSR and how it impacts the business?

CSR has seen to increase the long-term gains both to online and offline business, as it enables the company to stay in the light, a positive attention for their efforts towards society and environment, contributing to the place they live in, encouraging people associated with them to follow the same measures.

Let’s read on the benefits that CSR holds to the business:

Employee Loyalty increases:           

One of the main benefits and responsibility of this CSR is to provide equality and fairness to all employees!! Being fair in delegating the jobs to equally talented resources and encouraging professional standards at the workplace is the goal of this program. This also includes of purchasing products from places where employees are treated ethically; this adds to the loyalty of the employees who trust the company and work towards the betterment of the business, thus giving them a ‘Fair’ share is very much necessary to gain loyalty.

Reduces your Financial consequences:

When you fail to obey to any law, you gain entry to financial consequences as a penalty. Hence, complying with both international and national laws, you reduce any financial consequence and also get added to a low on regulator list, which in the long run adds reputation.

Gives you a positive reputation:

Yes, as you go environmentally friendly, which reduces the waste, minimizes footprint to the possible extent, using sustainable products, reduces energy usage; will add to your reputation. Donating and giving to the humanitarian cause, like fighting against an epidemic, helping those people in trouble will help you stay connected in the outer world; this will add to your marketing without any extra efforts.


More insights into different types of online trading

Today the investors have the luxury to choose a wide variety of trading options. Some of the traders prefer short-term options, while few other prefer the waiting game so that they can make huge profits by following long-term strategies.

Trading can be divided into 3 different categories. They are long-term, medium-term and short-term trading.

  • Short-term trading- It refers to the trading practice wherein the trading period is only for few weeks.
  • Medium-term trading- It refers to those trading practices wherein the trading period is between few weeks and few months.
  • Long-term trading- It refers to those trading practices wherein the assets are held for a longer period of months and even for years.

Every type of trading has its own benefits and choosing a strategy depends on the money available to you to trade, willingness to accept the risks and the research methods the investor follows.

Now the technology has affected the trading to a greater extent.  There are many people who are coming forward to transact online and be a part of the trading industry.  Listed below are different forms of trading that are quite popular now which can be conducted online.

Different forms of trading

CFD trading- The CFD (Contract for Differences) let the investors speculate on movements of the price of different types of currencies, stocks, etc.  When you conduct CFD trading, you don’t actually own the stock. You only speculate on the future price change which can go up or gown down. You can make your life easier by choosing the crypto CFD trader, an automated trading robot to transact for you. You can check out the crypto CFD trader review here and get to know all about it.

Day trading- It is the most common method of trading taken by the trader.  It follows short-term strategy wherein the assets are bought and sold on one single say.  It is ideal for beginners as they can try out their trading knowledge by investing in a small amount and get to know how well they did in the market on the same day. The experience you earn here will help you later on when you deal with larger funds.

Position trading- It follows long-term strategy wherein the investors will buy the assets now and hold onto it for a longer period.  The decision to hold is taken after an elaborate research of trends and predicting the price changes in future.





What Is the Hottest Coin to Invest In?

There are many available cryptocurrencies at the moment as their popularity is also constantly increasing. Statistic shows that more than 900 different crypto exchanges are readily accessible on the Internet right now. Even more are in developing stages.Let us have a good and brief recap of the cryptocurrency outlook.


A virtual or the digital form of the denomination can be broadly classified into four main categories:


  • Currency Tokens which is a kind of token pegged officially and is in its development process. Japanese Yen is one among this.
  • Utility Token which sets on a smart contract being on the decentralized platform. Ethereum is an example
  • Token of Membership which earns on renting away its cloud storage feature at competitive prices and helps in peer end networks even in the time of down server or any kind of defective hacks. Storj is such a type.
  • Token of Security, as for investing the fund in blockchain markets such as TaaS.


A cryptocurrency exist in currency form but with different names and values



This is the first of cryptocurrency and has gained a new revolution of reputation that nobody would have ever dreamed off.  This contributes to fifty percent of the total market capitalization which uses peer end technology to manage transactions and operate in an independent manner. As more financial firms and consumers are moving into the crypto market, there is a flat decline from using fiat money and bitcoin will soon emerge to the position of global currency leader.



This comes in the second position with thirteen percent of the total market capitalization. Moreover, this coin is in its developmental stage of increasing transaction volumes and interoperability. Ether is used to pay for transaction and computation time.



This comes in the fourth position with a total of five percentages and has the cheapest mode of processing with excellent and powerful upgrades. It can account for almost 1500 transaction per second. Another feature is that ripples are not mined.





Being created by a Google employee, it attains the fifth position and provides an instant transaction speed of 2.5 minutes. It uses a special scheme of a crypt-based mining proof-of-work algorithm for its working and is scheduled to produce an average of 84 million currency units. The speciality of this particular coin is that it is used to buy small consumable goods.




This a prediction market platform built on the Ethereum protocol and serves as an open resourceful ground for anyone to predict the outcome of an event such as insurance, sports betting or so. The main objective is to encourage non-technical customers.



Ranked in the eighteenth position, it is liquidity providing mechanism by using e-wallet and payment platform is openly distributed.



It is a coordinating protocol based on Artificial Intelligence.


You can check out more on these currency differences at Top10CryptoRobots.com. A market cap comparison shows that Bitcoin is the biggest of the block-chain networks. The second is called Ethereum. You should know that pointing the best and most profitable cryptocurrency on the market would be a really difficult task. All of the available crypto exchanges have different prices. One could say that the industry is more than dynamic. Bitcoin’s leadership may not last forever, as Ethereum is quickly gaining momentum.

Some like-minded people have since then come out with similar trading programs.

There are many secrets of the financial wizards that they do not like share with people. Who would like to disclose an exclusive privilege that allows them to take advantage of the complexities of the stock market and become rich and maintain the constant source of profits?

However, there are some kind people, who like to share their wealth, both the monetary and the knowledge-based; with others so that they can help the common people overcome their hardships. Binary trading robots were developed by such genius and generous people, who wanted to share the secret of their riches with people. Some like-minded people have since then come out with similar trading programs.

You need to be careful while selecting a trading platform as it is easy to get convinced with the tall claims made by such websites. When you see a genuine website, recommended by an expert through his reviews, on top10binarysignals.com, then you know that it is safe to join it. The programs recommended by them are assessed and tried by experts before being given an endorsement. This program, recommended here, is an amazing platform, which uses the latest version of the software. This helps to analyze and come up with profitable signals in a few seconds.

The signals can be used to place bets or you can entrust the robot to place bets on your behalf. Many people use both the techniques. The robot is always controlled by you as the parameters are set by you. You can trade from the confines of your home or from any other corner of the world. You can use any device as long as you are connected to the internet.

One of the worries that keep people away from a trading system is the doubt about brokers linked with the program. That is one thing that the developers have taken care of and only genuine and reliable brokers are associated with this program. All these facilities, like an efficient robotic system, genuine broker, a supportive and helpful customer care and highly successful returns come to you completely free of charge. You do not have to pay anything to the program. You can use the program to make money only if you can use it competently, and for that, you do not need to know about software or trading. All you need to do is to read the instructions carefully and follow the same. If you use the signals correctly, then there is no limit to the profit that you can earn.

President unit Citation: Seigfried Line Fortress

Company I, 71st Regiment, was awarded its Presidential Unit Citation for the action at Fruedenberg Farm. The farm, which was a set of dense stone buildings located at the junction of key roads, had to be taken and held to secure the flank of the Simserhof Fort, and protect the assault from German counter-attacks. nder directly observed and directed, i.e. accurate, intense artillery fire the men of Company “I” traversed over one mile, battled victorious through four enemy fortifications, just to get to the farm. The unit then assaulted the pillboxes with dynamite satchels at Freudenberg Farm, attacking through automatic weapons fire, sized the farm while capturing 20 Germans. Then for five consecutive days the unit held-off a counter attack, endured heavy shelling of up-to 30 shells per minute. The farm buildings were reduced to rubble. Despite the buildings often collapsing directly on the men of Company “I”, yet the ground was held, the flank secured, the mission accomplished.”

The 71st would earn a second Presidential Unit Citation in a matter of days during Nordwind. At the farm, satchel charges were used to blast their way in. It is a set of explosives carried inside a haversack. The charge is connected to a timer system that is ignited by either pulling a string or twisting the detonator cap. Once the satchel charge begins to smoke, it was tossed into the farm fortifications. The Browning Automatic Rifle BAR was another weapon used at the farm. It is heavy and requires specialized training. Usually an additional man acted as ammunition carrier. The BAR is often praised as one of the best weapons ever used by the US Army Presidential Unit Citation Freudenberg Farm 71st Regiment
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The Presidential Unit Citation may be awarded to units for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy.

Such excellence is shown rarely. Only a few people use their genius and hard work to benefit others.  You can find further information about a trading program, that has been created with complete dedication.

The unit must display such gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions so as to set it apart from and above other units participating in the same campaign. The degree of heroism required is the same as that which would warrant the award of a Distinguished Service Cross, 2nd most honored Army award to an individual.

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