Combat Lessons: Battle experiences of others during WWII

The contents in the “Combat Lessons” section,  unless noted otherwise, are excerpts from the U.S. Department of War WWII “Combat Lessons”  Series.

combat lessons number six army europe eto

“The purpose of ‘Combat Lessons’ is to give to our officers and enlisted men the benefit of the battle experiences of others. To be of maximum benefit these lessons must be disseminated without delay. They do not necessarily represent the carefully considered views of the War Department; they do, however, reflect the actual experiences of combat and, therefore, merit careful reading. For this reason, also, no single issue can cover many of the phases of combat; lessons will be drawn from the reports as they are received from the theaters of operation and quickly disseminated so that others may apply them. The suggestions which are made or implied are not intended to change the tactical doctrine by which our Army has been trained”   Introduction from the U.S. Army publication:“Combat Lessons”  Volumes One through Six, May 1943 – July 1945.

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