Different Department Different Function

Different Department Different Function

The Department of Service

This is the department that will offer service in case the product fails to function or needs to be repaired. All the employees in this department have the background in electronics and engineering or either of the two. They should be able to attenuate product failure and should be able to troubleshoot the problem. The service department of Olymp Trade software is not up to the mark since it keeps asking to restart in the middle of the trades which leads to losing the trade. In spite of being a VIP member of the software, the confirmation pop-up appears more than once. The team of service department considers time as an important factor because when the system fails they work hard to make sure that the downtime of the product is as minimum as possible as this will give satisfactory results to the customers. People working in this department need to travel several times onsite for repairing purpose.

The Supply Chain Management Department

Controlling the flow of services and products is done by the supply chain management department. The things that this department takes care of are as follows:

  • From the raw materials to make sure that the finished product is delivered.
  • Whether the product has reached from the site of production to the place of consumption is taken care.

All the above things are looked after by an electronic system which is both efficient as well as effective. The activities of the supply chain should be planned, monitored and executed by the supply chain management department. Usually, all this is handled by the department worldwide logistics system leverage.

If the company has international clients, by managing the supply chain in the correct manner it will be possible for them to deliver the product faster and it will be cost-effective. The functions of the conventional business that is systematically and strategically coordinated consists of the following:

  • Logistics
  • Information technology
  • Operations management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Systems engineering

The results at the end of this are synchronized supply of products and along with this demand on an international scale. Even though one of the main important jobs of the supply chain is to make sure the customer’s product that they have ordered is delivered on time, they also help in fulfilling special demands that their clients make by helping sales department and service department. Some examples of such demands are:

  • Standing orders
  • Storage of customized products.
  • Inventories that are special are kept for customers who will require these to keep their own product works.