P 08 (Luger Pistol)

luger P 17 P17 Artillerie or Artillery model pistol
P 08 (Luger)

Over two million P 08 weapons were produced by various manufacturers in numerous main variants of the pistol that is typically but incorrectly known just as the Luger

Pictured to the left is the Pistole 08 (for P 08), one of the main variants. The German navy adopted the Luger pistol first in 1904. The German army followed suit in 1908. and the pistol remained the standard German service pistol into the late 1930s. The Luger was produced in several calibers, but the primary and most common is the 9 mm Parabellum (which in Latin is the term “Pro War”). This cartridge was specifically developed for the Luger pistol.

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luger p 08 pistol parabellum
The P 08 was replaced by the Walther P 38 because the Luger was too expensive to produce and was a complicated weapon for the average solider to maintain in the field. In late 1942 the final German manufacturing run of the weapon concluded. The P 38 never wholly replaced the P 08 in German service during the war.

The standard P 08 has a barrel 103 mm (4.055 in) long. The P 17 Artillerie or Artillery model pictured at the top has a 203-mm (8-in) barrel. Luger pistols were among the most prized of all World War II trophies.+ View Luger Apparel & Gifts