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How to Identify the German PZKW V Tank "Panther"

Text and Images from the
U.S. Army Armor Identification Guide
FM30-40 - April 22, 1944

Panther tank PZKW Mark MK V tank panzer specifications CHARACTERISTICS:

Turret: Wide, deep; curved, with inclined sides and rear; flat front face, slightly inclined, mounting very large gun mantler; Cupola set at left rear.
Hull: Long flat top, inclined sides and front, undercut rear. Sides extend to outer edge of track.
Armament: One long-barreled 75-mm gun.
One 7.92-mm machine gun.
Traction: Full track; eight (double) large overlapping bogie wheels; large driving sprocket in front. Small idler in rear.


The German tank series is finally completed from I to VI with the appearance of the long-missing PZKW V. The new vehicle is fast, well armored and powerfully armed. It resembles the Soviet T-34 tank. The “Panther” has the same motor as the 63-ton “Tiger.” The gun is a new weapon with an overall length of 18 feet 2 inches. The heaviest armor— the gun shield and front of the turret— is approximately 4 inches thick. Sharply sloping armor gives increased protection on may surfaces. The Soviets find this tank much easier to knock out than the PZKW VI, despite its good maneuverability. Incendiary armor-piercing shells are especially effective against gasoline tanks and ammunition which are just in rear of the driver.

C.Z. 22 April 1944
From Data Currently Available
War Department FM30-40


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