German Shu Mine

German Shu Mine

Fragmenting AP Mine German Schu Shu-Mine

An important hand-held weapon extensively used by the Germans primarily during the Second World War was the Schu-mine 42,  known as the Schützenmine 42 in Germany.  It was an anti-personnel mine used to injure humans and sometimes, parts of vehicles such as tires, similar to the anti-tank mines used to destroy vehicles. The increase in injuries causes the enemy group to make more logistical and medical facilities available.  These mines explode when crossed or contacted by humans. The equipment was simple and consisted of a wooden box fitted with a hinged lid. The box housed 200 grams of explosive Trinitrotoluene or TNT  and had a ZZ-42 type detonator. A pin was positioned by a striker on a slit made on the lid with such a pressure that when the striker was released, the detonator was triggered. A change in the pressure on the lid causes the pin to move leading to the release of the striker.

Anti-personnel mines are of two types, the blast mines, and the fragmentation mines. The Schu-mine 42 was very cheap and easily made in large numbers and hence was lavishly used by the Germans.

The earliest mines were the minimum metal mines with almost no metal content except for the fuze mechanism in the detonator. As a result, these mines were difficult to be recognized by metal detectors and during Operation Overlord of 1944, the Allied forces used explosive detection dogs to detect them. Operation Overlord or the Normandy Campaign is the name given to the invasion of Western Europe by the Allied forces which were originally occupied by the Germans.

Mines are still in use all over the world and technology has changed them into various forms. Still, what originated in Nazi Germany became a part of the Second World War history and has influenced the war mechanism after that. Mines were built with less than even a gram of metal and remained undetectable, waiting for their victims. They may be cheap and anyone could make it, but should never be underestimated. Just because a software is available for trading with no deposit charges, does it become useless? When cheap, you do not bother to try it before really becoming serious. Top 10 Binary Demo robots will always have the cheaper ones more and not just the fastest robots.