When Online Trading Gave Me Hope And Respite From Lonliness

When Online Trading Gave Me Hope And Respite From Lonliness


I retired half a decade ago:

Retirement may look like a rosy picture when you are still in the workforce and slogging yourself day in day out. But believe me, it is not the place you want to be eventually, endlessly thinking of things to do.

It is really funny how I used to long to get retired and be my own master; thinking that I would be having enough resources to call my shots, without too many worries about bosses and colleagues and what other people judge.

But finally, about five years ago, I landed here, I realized it is the most painful phase of our life where we aimlessly live from day to day from the couch to the bed and then once again from the bed to the couch.

About three years ago, my grand nephew came over for a vacation:

I am generally welcoming of guests especially the long stay ones because it lets me allay my fears of loneliness. This nephew was a blessing in disguise if I am allowed to say. His parents continuously grudged that he would not lift his head off from his mobile. I realized that they were right!

In a bid to correct him, they had asked me to talk him out of it; well so I tried. In turn, he taught me what he was doing every day and I was zapped. This little boy, all of eighteen was making a lot of money everyday trading on investment derivatives that I did not know or understand till I was in my late thirties. I was amazed!

He let me into it:

Yes, he taught me how to trade online on trading software. He absolutely freaked out on cryptocurrencies but I found it a little too fast. I settled for trading in stocks and shares because I was slightly more comfortable with it.

To begin with, I was so excited:

A mere initial investment of $250 gave me a four hundred percent return in a month’s time. it felt like my life had suddenly got a direction. My nephew left and I was still trading away majestically. He emailed and face-timed me for getting updates and teaching me more hacks.

I give two hoots to loneliness now!

I and my smart device are a great company. I do not get anxiety anymore. I am gloriously trading every day. I do make losses but subsequent profits more than make up for it. After all, what is trading without any risks?